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Cheap Food

Telegraph | News | Earl's heir protests at 'killer' supermarkets

The stepson of the musician Jools Holland is being prosecuted for breaching planning laws by covering the front of his inherited house with a giant banner decrying supermarkets.

Fred Lambton, the 20-year-old grandson of the former Tory minister Lord Lambton, put a banner measuring 20ft by 17ft across his three-storey Grade II listed town house in King's Road, Chelsea.

Mr Lambton, whose grandfather was a minister in Edward Heath's government until he resigned in 1973 over a sex scandal, describes himself as a full-time environmental campaigner.
He is using the banner, which reads "Boycott supermarkets. They're killing Britain", to publicise his website, ethicalnetwork.org.
Mr Lambton, the heir to the Earldom of Durham, said: "I have been learning more and more about supermarkets since I left school. They treat farmers like dirt and put independent shops out of business.

Interestingly in these celeb worshipping days that to The Telegraph being the step son of a popular musician is higher in importance than being the Heir to an Earldom..

Putting my farming hat on it is nice to know he worries about us horny handed sons of the soil and the sometimes rotten deal we get from the near monopolistic buyers of the supermarkets. But I suggest in the bigger scheme of things providing good cheap food to the millions means for the country as a whole they are doing more good than a wealthy young environmental campaigner, my guess is that if you have inherited a listed town house on the King's Road then you don't have to pick through the Value range to afford the weekly shop.
There are a lot of good reasons to "shop locally" but the initiative shouldn't be hijacked to just mean buy expensive "craft" foods directly from small organic producers.


Perhaps if we ritually disemboweled Chirac and tore up the CAP, we could all afford to shop in Farmers markets.

Does it have to be ritually?

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