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Infidel Press Release

I have been asked to publish a Press Release - so without comment ...

New Ball Point pen is a powerful physchological deterrent to terror and holds the promise of ending suicide bombings

Las Vegas, Nevada -- October 15, 2005 With global suicide bombings on the rise, more and more innocent lives are being destroyed. In response, Susblood Labs, LLC is introducing a quality writing instrument that contains a potent formulation including a non-toxic, cryogenically frozen porcine plasma (pig’s blood) as a key component.

The ancient Islamic "Doctrine of Jihad" promises homicide bombers an eternity in paradise accompanied by 72 virgins in exchange for committing their deadly acts of suicidal terror. However, this same doctrine states that Muslim terrorists defiled by pig's blood will not enter paradise, but will instead spend eternity in hell, alone. “Knowing that a fine mist of pig's blood will be sprinkled all over his body after his bomb explodes may well cause an Islamic terrorist to think twice before following through with his heinous act.” says Dr. James Susblood, founder of Susblood Labs, LLC.

Just last year, pig's blood and other pork by-products were approved for use in Israel by the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court in an effort to dissuade homicide bombings.

"Our intent is to overcome the threat of terror with the promise of eternal damnation," says Dr. Susblood.

Susblood Labs, LLC is today announcing the release of a new ergonomic and completely functional ball point pen called "Infidel's Revenge." This pen is a high quality writing instrument and incorporates the same technology used in the Company’s’ industrial product line. The Infidel’s Revenge ball point pen resembles a hypodermic needle and is encased in a sealed plastic cylinder that contains the patent-pending formula. The formula is non-toxic and completely safe. This pen can now be purchased by any consumer, and provides a simple and effective way for everyone to fight terrorism.

“Finally, there is something we can all do to prevent terror attacks. Using the new Susblood pens for your everyday writing needs means that terror prevention technology will be resident in every drawer, every purse, every pocket everywhere, thereby eliminating the terrorists' primary motivation for homicide bombing," states Dr. Susblood. “Suicide bombers contemplating terror must now decide between completing their mission and spending eternity in hell.”

Susblood Labs, LLC is a privately held research and development company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV and engaged in the production and deployment of terror prevention technologies designed to save innocent men, women and children from suicide terrorist acts. Susblood Labs products are safe and, when properly used, pose no health hazards. At the same time these products provide a powerful and frightful psychological deterrent to the would-be-terrorists of the Jihad.

For more information or an interview, please contact John Murphy, by phone at (408) 239-6642 or email at: jmurphy@susbloodlabs.com

Web site address: http://www.susbloodlabs.com

Web log: terrorstopper@blogspot.com


Brilliant! That's my Christmas gift shopping sorted then.

So... come on, when were you guys gonna share this with the colonies?

Hilarious... Definately the Idiot gas award of the day...

Yes! Wonderful! We should hand them out free-of-charge to every Brit, Aussie, Kiwi and Canuck, as part of a homeland defence policy. Maybe, we should use the same philosphy in cluster bombs dropped on Islamic terrorist locations worldwide.

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