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The techie view on ID Cards

Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - ID cards will lead to 'massive fraud'

THE government's case for identity cards has been dealt a serious blow on the day of a crucial Commons vote after the software giant Microsoft warned that the proposals could generate "massive identity fraud" on a scale as yet unseen.
In an article for The Scotsman today, Jerry Fishenden, the national technology officer for Microsoft, says the proposal to place "biometrics" - or personal identifiers such as fingerprints - on a central database could perpetuate the "very problem the system was intended to prevent". He says ministers "should not be building systems that allow hackers to mine information so easily".


Personally, I loved the quote about the system being particularly weak at identifying people with brown eyes.

At the risk of being accused of being a racist, don't a majority of the people from the Middle East have brown eyes? If "the greatest threat to human kind since forever" (at least according to our Dear Leader) comes from persons of Middle Eastern extraction won't this mean there's a massive hole in the defences?

Sounds like the government is erecting defences using the plans used for "The Fortress of Singapore" in the 1930's. Anyone fancy playing General Percival?


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