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They don't like it up'em, Sir.

Telegraph | News | Army gets 30m new firepower to take on al-Qa'eda and the Taliban

In the past two years, the Army has bought 4,000 Minimi light machineguns, 9,000 night sights and 2,000 underslung grenade launchers in a 30 million programme, with 35 million available for further purchases.

Before the war in Iraq in 2003, the average British infantry section had a feeble amount of firepower available.

While the much derided original SA80 rifle failed in numerous operations, its successor the SA80 A2 was now "the best weapon in the world" after 24 modifications were made in a 90 million overhaul four years ago.

"As a section commander I now know that I can stop the enemy and in close combat kill them because my weapons will work in all terrains," Sgt Poulter said.

The troops were now "more than happy" with what they had got although some grumbled about the loss of capability for using the bayonet.

Good news that at last they seem to be equipping them with some of the tools they need, but no bayonet? Doesn't seem right, I'll keep mine shiny and ready for my Lee Metford.


On the bright side, they could be Canadian military, sent to Afghanistan with forest-green combat fatigues (which have since been replaced) or basic, unarmored jeeps for patrolling mine-laden roads (finally upgraded in the past little while).

Don't get me going about the helicopters that require 30 hours of maintenance per one hour of flight time.

Is there any way you guys could convince Her Majesty to reneg on the Canadian Charter???? Please?

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