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Nice work if you can get it

Telegraph | News | Hain plans to restore Sinn Fein allowances

The announcement yesterday follows a report suggesting that the IRA had kept its promise for at least month to abandon violence.
Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland Secretary, said the republican party's 120,000 Stormont Assembly allowances to Sinn Fein would be restored on November 1, despite the Northern Ireland Assembly being in abeyance.
Mr Hain also signalled that he would ask MPs to approve the restoration of 400,000 in allowances to the party's five representatives in the House of Commons later this year, even though they refuse to take their seats.
The allowances were removed to punish the IRA's political wing when the Provisionals were linked to the 26.5 million Northern Bank robbery and the murder of Robert McCartney.

Now isn't that a much easier way to make money rather than have to go out on a cold night and shake down a few small businessmen for a few quid; just sit back, do nothing and old oily Hain sends a cheque over. As long as you didn't have to meet the creep nothing unpleasant about the deal at all.


Have they spent the 26 million they nicked from the Northern Bank then....?

So for the cost of what? Less than a million quid? These guys get to keep the 26.5 million they stole from the bank? Not a bad investment when you think about it.

Perhaps I should get Adams and McGuiness to advise me on my retirement planning. "IRA ISA's" has quite a nice ring to it, don't you think?


Lesson learned?

Crime pays.
Terrorism works.

Once protection money has been delivered its never enough. Next time the IRA will be paid to really, really disarm.

The IRA are up to their scrawny necks in illicit gains even as the next of kin of their thousands of victims stand at gravesides and wonder at the morality of a UK Government which panders to the Provos - in the name of peace. Off.

Britain's grubby little hands on the last piece of Ireland they have just got a little grubbier.

That's the price you pay for leaving Northern Ireland to rot in its sectarian juices for 50 years.

Did the British honestly believe that their corrupt little creation of Northern Ireland would never backfire on them?

They not only made the monster, they paid for it and are now courting it.

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