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Live Tractor Blogging

Glorious weather so I decided to spend the afternoon taking out the fence between the 40 acres and the 110 acre field. That looks better. Now what to do with all that rusty wire?
Image taken on 20/10/2005 16:15


It seems the sun is shining while here in Italy it's raining..funny thing!!

I just removed about 1200 feet of fence on my paltry seventeen acres. Some was buried eight inches in the ground and had been there for seventy years. It now looks much better.

Your wagon is curious in that it appears to have only rear wheels. What is it? Also, hope you didn't dispose of your hat hanging on the rear corner.

- Answer - it is an old tipping trailer though it no longer has a working hydraulic ram so I had to unload by hand as well, saving my hat. Well spotted! In the UK tractors use the Ferguson Hydraulic system which means that implements are mounted on a three point linkage which gives weight transfer advantages rather than just be dragged along by the sheer power as in the US. So tractors also have pickup hitches for trailers so most trailers are like mine where the weight is also transfered rather than a straight dravbar.

What to do with the wire? It goes on the defensive perimiter! Stringed with tin-cans to alert the sentry. Or wound around the bunker to give it that Christmasy feeling, "Chestnuts roasting on a rusty wire"...

Now what to do with all that rusty wire?

Mount it on a pedestal and present it as a modern art sculpture (be sure to give it a politically correct, pseudo-inspirational name). You might even get a grant for it or, better yet, a commission to produce more.

It could form the basis of a large fence along the top of Hadrians Wall and Offa's Dyke.

Wrap it around your truck, and hang Smiley faces on the wire, along with a sign saying "The Tax Terminator. I buy corrupt council members".

Burn the posts off and chuck the remains in a metal 'recycling' skip.
You might get a bob off the scrappy.

Surprised the HSE nazis haven't made you put a roll bar on that old beastie.

Mark ... I think I am correct in saying that tractors that are only used by the farmer do not need a roll bar. If however 'your man' were to use it, then it would need a roll bar

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