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Trafalgar Day

A day to celebrate a great Victory so slipping back to my youthful days before the mast as a boy sailor I will be happy to join in the traditional Naval celebrations, but I'm not getting in that barrel again....


The Remittance Man makes a disgustingly early departure for the weekend humming "Hearts of Oak" and looking for a frenchman to tease.

"Pom ti pom,
pom ti pom,
pom ti pom,
pom ti pom
dee dah deedee deedee"

Enjoy the weekend.


Hmmm, you've gone and used the 'C' word - 'Celebrate'......

On the BBC this morning - that c word was banned. In its place was another c word......


Yes, everyone was doing tons of commemorating - but definitely no celebrating because that might upset the French and the Spanish....

And the Beeb also kept on saying how Nelson was a British hero - and thus avoided using the despised 'E' word....
I half expected them to say that Horatio was descended from the MacNelson clan of Inverness.

As an old salt myself, I seem to recall that you only did your turn in the barrel if you sported a full set.

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