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Compare and contrast.

Colonel quits as troops are denied armoured land rovers in Iraq - Sunday Times - Times Online

THE commanding officer of a battalion serving in Iraq has resigned after failing to obtain armoured Land Rovers for his patrols.
Lieutenant-Colonel Nick Henderson, commander of the 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, is understood to have been furious last week after one of his senior sergeants died as a direct result of the failure to supply "armour protected" Land Rovers for his men, defence sources said.

The gym, James! Cherie gets chauffeured armoured car - Sunday Times - Times Online

CHERIE BLAIR has become the first prime minister's spouse to be given an official government car and driver for her personal use, including shopping trips and visits to the gym.
Use of the car, a bullet-proof Vauxhall Omega, is estimated to be costing taxpayers more than £50,000 a year. She also has the use of a Ford Galaxy people carrier as backup.

Norma Major was not so lucky. She had personal protection during her time at No 10 but never her own car. On the occasions she used an official vehicle for her own use she was invoiced.

Denis Thatcher, too, was excluded from the official car club. Despite the real threat from the IRA, he could often been seen strolling along Whitehall to meet his friends at a club or would take the bus using his senior citizenís pass.


I do seems to remember an article once about the late King and Queen during the last unpleasantness. Given the threat from German snipers dressed as nuns etc. Churchill wanted their Majesties to travel around in an armoured car. Their royal response was a suitably churchillian two fingered gesture and the idea was quietly canned.

Now if the Head of State and his consort could show that sort of disdain for danger at a time of real war (air raids, threats of invasion, tanks and all sorts of other nastiness) surely the wife of a mere prime minister should be able to pop to the shops in peacetime without needing the entire Guards Armoured Division for protection.

I see little more than the selfish preening of mindless, self-important people in this story. I am just surprised that someone who is reputedly a master of the political art, as our pm is supposed to be, could be quite so stupid to let this story break. If it weren't for the poor sods of protection officers who have to ride with her I'd pray to the wrathful God of Abraham to send a mighty thunderbolt to smite the stupid bitch as she rode around in her undeserved freebie.

Still, at least now we have official proof: Cherry does have more enemies than the Coldstream Guards.

The Remittance Man curses the "no alcohol at work" rule and goes off looking for a minion on whom to kick out his anger.


The comparison of the bravery displayed by the Royal Family during the last world war with the cowardice of today's politicos is spot-on. For all of the real danger at that time manifested by a hostile nation, one would think that today's threats from a handleful of stateless individuals would prompt some intestinal fortitude from the ruling cliques, especially given the much-vaunted advances in "national security" infrastructure and technology (not to mention the constant exhortations to "not let 'them' make us panic" and "go about your business as usual"). Evidently our rulers no more believe their own propaganda than we do.

The protection that these self-important pricks think they need is also their punishment; imagine having to go through life constantly looking over your shoulder, knowing with certainty that your actions have so alienated, offended and hurt so many others that they are determined to maim or kill you at any cost (ask Osama bin Laden about this, or better yet, Dick Cheney).

What price, power?

There is something remarkably telling to me, as an American, that Denis Thatcher rode the bus around town. Compare that frugality and humility to contemporary politicians in general.

Anyone know it's registration number, in case it should pass me and I happen to have an RPG-7 handy?

Our Tony cannot handle public humiliation. He should be made to look stupid about this.

As an aside, I wonder who wears the trousers in the Blair home.

She wasn't christened "Greedie Boot" without reason.

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