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A step in the right direction

There are some advantages in having a Conservative Prime Minister in a Labour Government and Tory Tony seems to being edging towards the right steps in Education, late and not far enough but every journey etc...

Telegraph | News | Funding for schools to be 'fair and equal'

Councils will be stripped of their responsibility for schools; businesses, churches, City livery companies and wealthy individuals will be allowed to take over schools; independent schools will be encouraged to accept state cash and join the state sector; and there is to be a new emphasis on grouping pupils by ability and offering advanced classes to the brightest.
Mr Blair made clear that he was ready to resist opposition from the Labour Left and the teachers' unions to opening up the system to parent power and ending comprehensive education.


Well the devil will be in the detail, I'd wait and see what actually happens before popping the champagne.

What makes me suspect that the major cost advantage of the idea - getting rid of the thousands of jobsworths in the DET and LEA's will never happen?

With the falling popularity of NuLabour I can hardly see Gordon agreeing to the sacking of a significant number of paid for voters.

Still, it will be nice to see Tony squirming as the hard left and other vested interest groups kick up a storm.

Now is the winter of his discontent - hehe!


What fdm said.

Blair is a past master at announcing something that sounds quite good, then when you look at what actually happens, well it bears little or no resemblance.

See under "Foundation Hospitals" for instance...

Blair says one thing and does another.

Like Arafat whose speeches in English were about peace and his speeches in Arabic were about suicide bombings, he plays to those who hear what they want to hear.

Blair's words are for the Conservative. His actions are for the Socialist.

It is a trick and it is amazing that he can still fool people after 8 years of the same

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