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Paddy Update

This blog likes to be inclusive and celebrates diversity so for the pig lovers amongst us here is an update on Patrick the Glos Old Spot trainee Boar.
He has been growing at a couple of pounds a day and seems to have done the dirty deed. Expect news of piglets in Dec.
Here he is choosing a warm place to sleep (unwisely?) and also his Churchillian pose.
Image taken on 10/10/2005 19:16
Image taken on 10/10/2005 19:16
Image taken on 10/10/2005 19:22


Shame on you, sir! This post shows your complete lack of sensitivity to the persecuted minorities out here. Have you no thought for those amongst your readership for whom these images contain distressing content?

We recovering arsonists are most perturbed by the images of flickering flames, glowing coals, fire. Lovely, lovely fire! Burning! Must burn everything!....Hoohoohoohahhah!

Damn! Now I need a cold shower and some medication.


I can hardly wait to see the captions that I just know will spring up around these pictures.

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