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Concesserimus libertates quasdam scriptas in magna carta nostra de libertatibus.

Tim Worstall and Attempting Escape note the BBC hiding away at the bottom of a story a comment by Fungus that he is considering throwing away a thousand years of Judicial practice...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Police firearms review considered

The home secretary also said "there was a lot to be said" about the UK switching from its adversarial court system to a system where an investigating judge direction (sic) inquiries - as happens elsewhere in Europe.
The government was considering the idea, he said, but it would be a very major reform and was opposed by most lawyers, including some of his fellow ministers.

Why not? It is about the only bit of British Justice he hasn't trampled all over yet....


Link updated, so is now accurate, cheers for pointing out the mistake.


So within days of the country celebrating the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar a Minister of the Crown suggests, apparently with a straight face, that we adopt the Napoleonic Code of Justice?

Charlie says: "there was a lot to be said [about the UK adopting the European system of justice]". Well, there is. Phrases like: "What complete bollox!", "Which cretin thought this one up?" and "Phuque off, Big Ears" spring to mind.

If it wasn't so sadly moronic, it would be hilarious. The man should change his name to Wayne Kerr.


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