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Art in Wales

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

A JAPANESE artist has been paid 5,000 of taxpayers' money to attempt to drink 48 cans of beer and then fall off a wooden beam.
The "performance", which took place at the Chapter arts centre in Cardiff, has outraged members of the local council and caused bafflement among the public, many of whom do exactly that without getting paid every Friday and Saturday night.

An arts centre spokesman said:"This wasn't just about a woman drinking a lot of beer, this was a powerful piece of art." Tomoko Takahashi, 39, who performs under the name Anti-Cool, was once nominated for the Turner Prize for her installations of rubbish. She says that her performance "comments on the availability and use of mass-produced products". The 50 people who turned up to watch the three-hour show, saw Miss Takahashi dressed in a smart black business suit and high heels, drinking beer from a bag suspended from the ceiling. She then tried repeatedly to walk across a narrow beam two feet above the floor. She failed to finish the 48 cans.

Where do I apply for a grant? - I'm still bruised from going out drinking with Mr FM and Mr NBC and falling off my high heels into a farmyard puddle - that was worth 5000 in anyones money.


At these rates I calculate I'm owed at least five million to date. But since I often wear high heels I'll take four and a half.



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