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Georgeous takes on 100 lawyers

A few years ago in a universe far away I was involved in an American legal case - spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and enjoyed planning and responding to lawyer's questioning. Fascinating stuff and two things you learn are lawyers questions build to prove a point and don't volunteer information, just answer the questions. George Galloway seems not to have done that and got carried away, see:

The Belmont Club
- gives an extract from Galloways testimony .....
"the tone and manner of Galloway's examination suggested that the Senators were trying to establish a specific point for the record, in the hopes of using Galloway's testimony against him later....

(Speculation alert) It was Galloway's contempt for the intelligence and capability of his Senatorial pursuers that may have gotten him into this perjury mess in the first place. It wasn't enough to remain silent on his relationship with with Zureikat. Playing to his gallery, Galloway boomed, "I can assure you, Mr. Zureikat never gave me a penny from an oil deal, from a cake deal, from a bread deal, or from any deal." Nice touch about the cake and the bread. Perhaps he couldn't imagine, at the time, why these yokels were asking him simple questions that were beneath his level of rhetorical ability. Even today Galloway may think so little of his adversaries that he was willing to boast on BBC Radio that "I am ready to fly to the US today, if necessary, to face such a charge because it is simply false." He is as smart today as he was then.

Of course it won't make a blind bit of difference as those who like GG and hate America wont change their views whatever comes out and those of different views probably won't change theirs either.


Does the US Senate have any jurisdiction over a UK citizen who lives in the UK? Does Sunny George give a damn?

Can you apply for extradition for perjury? I don't actually know, but assuming you can, I suspect we'd hand him over as long as the US promises not to execute him. Galloway comiited the alleged offence whilst in the US, so they certainly have jurisdiction.

Clearly, were the accuasion to go forward and result in a warrant for Mr. Galloway's arrest, he'd get grabbed if he ever went to the US again.

I think the only way George Galloway would ever return to the US and the clutches of the Senate would be for his airplane to have problems in flight and be diverted to a US airport. Hey, maybe Lynn Stewart would defend him.

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