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Tony shows his true colours

Telegraph | News | Blair's blown it, say Tories as PM calls on Europe to reform taxes

Tony Blair yesterday invited the European Union to extend its reach into a sweeping range of new - and sensitive - policy areas, from company taxation to university reforms, a "common energy policy" for Europe and the management of immigration.
On the eve of a summit of EU leaders today at Hampton Court, Mr Blair said: "We need to get Europe moving and we need to get it moving in the right direction."

I can think of a direction Europe ought to move but it probably isn't the same way he is thinking of...


European Constitution sound familiar?

Yeah No 2, this is the first shot in the battle that will be joined as soon as Chirac and Schroder are off the scene.

The French will go on voting until they give the right answer...

Is Tony aiming to become the President of the United States of Europe?

hasn't he always been hankering, thats where the main money is after all.

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