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The Health Police Cometh

Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - Health police to urge couch potato Scots to visit GP

Central to the report is the idea of "anticipatory care", or searching out the nation's couch potatoes before they end up in hospital. Health boards will be asked to identify "at risk" members of the community and ensure they attend a clinic if they have not done so. This is likely to be through sending out "health police" to identify those at risk.

A step beyond the Nanny state! And what if you prefer to take the risk of staying at home eating deep fried Mars Bars rather than risk the horrors of an NHS clinic, will they arrest you? drag you there in chains? The fanatics won't give up until everyone is pale and weedy like them.


The Gestapo and KGB cometh!

Sending out health police?!?! What are they going to do? Pry people off their couches and force them to take tennis lessons?

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