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An MA writes

Telegraph | News | A degree counts for less on job market

Four years after graduating, nearly a third of "the class of 99" were either in "non-graduate" jobs or jobs that were not appropriate for someone with their qualifications.
There was also clear evidence that the "graduate earnings premium" - a measure of the financial advantage of having a degree - had begun to fall.
The study found that those most likely to be employed in non-graduate jobs had gone to the "new" universities that have been at the forefront of the Government's drive to "widen access".
These graduates were 37 per cent more likely to be employed as clerical and shop assistants, bar managers and in call centres than graduates of the old universities.

Now there is a surprise! Something must be done! Employers have worked out that Mickey Mouse degrees from Polytechnics New Universities just show that the kid chose to laze about for an extra few years rather than work. I'm proud that the son and heir had one thing he wanted to do on his seventeenth birthday, which was a Sunday. He wanted to drive himself to work. And he did. That attitude counts for more than a desire to do Media Studies in my book.


Please tell me that he drove to the driving test centre on a tractor (that's what I did), then got out and passed the test in a car - or has the law changed now?

Answer: - No sorry - he just is learning in a boring car!

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