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Don't forget tonight.

Fall forward, spring back! It is all for the Scottish schoolkids so you know it makes sense!


Scottish schoolkids? Sorry, Tim, but that reference is lost on this ignorant Brit. Would you be so kind as to explain, please?

You evil evil man :-)

You evil evil man :-)

It is so the children can walk to school in the light, of course they then walk home in the dark. The alternative of making the schoolday in Dundee start at 10 am is too complicated.

When the British government wanted to stop changing the clocks to save lives and prevent accidents, the Scots vetoed it.


Since most of the kids in Dundee skive off school it doesn't really matter....it is for me, your friendly student teacher who HATES getting up in the dark and cold of winter.

Then again it is usually still light in midsummer at 2345hrs so just get those clocks sorted, lie back and think of God, Scotland and St George..........our evening BBQs depend on it!

Thanks Sam. I try.

And thanks for the explanation, Tim. Much appreciated.

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