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What are they on?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Public transport 'drink ban plan'

The plan to ban drinking on public transport is reportedly on a list of 40 proposals aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour and binge drinking.
The list is also said to include the introduction of respect "sheriffs" in each community

Drunks on trains are drunks who got on drunk - very hard to get drunk on the 3 a can warm lager you can only buy after enduring a Muscovian queue to be served by Stalin's Auntie..

But I like the idea of Respect Sheriffs, I think I'll apply; the black hat, the well worn oil-cloth Duster coat and the .357, yep I could wander down the road demanding respect.....


...so the question you have to ask yourself is "Do you feel lucky?". Well...do ya, punk?

One of my favorite lines...I love Dirty Harry...I mean Dirty Tim.


But would there be head-room for your horse?

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