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Something to watch while drinking a cup of tea

Katherine Jenkins ‘L’Amore Sei Tu’ (I will Always love you) video.
Maybe it is because I'm Welsh but there is something about this girl from a council house in Neath that cheers an old man up - and as a red head I think she might even make it to the Gun Man's Weekend Roster


This is the very first time that I listen to that song in Italian....what an amazing voice :)

Haven't managed to download the vid yet - no broadband here in the colonies.

I must say though, if all our celtic cousins looked like Miss Jenkins I'd be changing my name to Evans the Remittance and learning the words to the Saucepan Song faster than you can say the name of that station.


Either I misunderstood the "red head" comment, or I must be on the grog. On the website she looks like a saucy blonde wench.

In some of her pictures, especially her earlier ones she is a red head, methinks there is some artiface about the blondness, I would really need to check, if only.

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