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Glorifying, exalting and celebrating terrorism

Telegraph | News | Guy Fawkes had twice the gunpowder needed

Guy Fawkes, it seems, was a little over zealous with the gunpowder. Half the number of barrels he smuggled into Parliament would have been enough to destroy the chamber above him and wipe out the ruling elite - providing he had got around to lighting the fuse.

400 years ago - of course there is a theory that he was the dupe of a Government that wanted to exploit a Terrorism scare so they could bring in repressive measures - not the sort of thing that could happen now, is it?


Ah, Guido. By repute the last man to enter parliament with honest intentions.

Seems he was quite the enthusiastic demolitioner. Or maybe he was an early mining engineer. We always like to use too much explosives - ask our neighbours. Just to make sure the job gets done, of course. Nothing to do with any psychotic tendencies and a childish love of big explosions.


Know the feeling. Some people like to see things go "boom".

As a 15yo with too much time on my hands, I once used some explosives ("borrowed" from my Dad's brigade courtesy of a friendly Sergeant) to knock down a tree which had been topped by lightning. Beautiful job, I must say, even though I had learned it from, similarly "borrowed", Army manuals. The tree came down vertically, in pieces.

My Dad went ape on me and grounded me for 24 hours. I was, after all, his favourite son. However, I did agree to put my pyrotechnic talents from hold for 6 years and concentrate on cricket.

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