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Leopards and spots

Democracy Now! | Northern Ireland Struggles to Distance Itself From Terrorism Even As a Belfast Reporter Isgunned Down By Paramilitary Loyalists

As the world focuses on global terror attacks, Northern Irish leaders are struggling to distance the region from terror movements. During a Sinn Fein conference this weekend in Dublin, Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the political party allied with the Irish Republican Army, made a point of calling terrorism "ethically indefensible".

Well I suppose with cash in the bank (under the hedge rather than in a vault I presume) and a blanket amnesty for all your murderous scum on the way you can take the moral high ground now....


umm, pots & kettles come to mind.

A true politician there. Only they can be quite that hypocritical in public:

"Armed struggle is a necessary and morally correct form of resistance in the six counties against a government whose presence is rejected by the vast majority of the Irish people".

"There is those who tells us that the British Government will not be removed by armed struggle. As has been said before, the history of Ireland and of British colonial involvement throughout the world tells us that they will not be moved by anything else".

- Gerry Adams, 1986 (1986 Ard Fheis, AP/RN)

Letting them win is a disgusting and disheartening episode in btitish history. Blair could well go into history as a traitor to the British people.

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