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Two Thirds British

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Can you pass a citizenship test?

I scored 10 out of 15 so I suppose they will put me back on the boat.


Well, I scored 11 out of 15....do I know UK better than an Englishman?

"According to Life in the UK, where does Father Christmas come from?"

Please tell me they're making this up

I got 11 out of 15. However as a happily married man, the divorce question doesn't really count.

By crikey, I got all 14 right. Brit born and emigrated to the USA when I was 10. Not bad eh>?

What nonsense. Being British is not about passing a test. It can be judged simply with eyes, ears and common sense.

With Labour's Invasion Immigration policy they now want us to justify our own existance.

Labour and the BBC have been found to be un-British and Treacherous.

Try and use the word "Deportation" in conversation, once per day.

It's not so much the idea of having a citizenship course/test I'm opposed to, as these ridiculous questions (although I got 13/14, yay for me).

The idea that people should have a smattering of the language, and a basic understanding of the mores of a society before living there (or even visiting really), makes perfect sense. These questions do not.

I'll get my passport...

"the elected political structures": what rubbish is this? We don't elect structures. And as for the Saints' Days - oh dear God.

this from the currant bun...

"Candidates who canít speak English wonít have to pass the examination ó but will get a passport anyway"

Another example of Labour playing to the media while carrying out uundeclared policies

8 out of 10. Mostly guesswork.

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