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Caledonia, oderint dum metuant

Wonko's World leads on:
"Breaking news yesterday was the article in the Sunday Times by "Posh Scottish columnist with an English accent" A A Gill. The delightful Mr Gill managed a full 2 page diatribe on why he hates the English...

I must admit I couldn't be arsed to read it all, though I think the headline wasn't consistent with what I did read, still "Oderint dum metuant" and leave it to the fenland king


We do not understand Scotch hatred of the English, but if that is the way they feel, we can accept it.

It is time for Scotland to Rise up and be a Nation Once MORE!

Freedom for Scotland!

(piss off and take your labour mps with you. We are fd up of you constant whining, Socialism and unemployment)

Aye well laddie. Let us remember tis the Central belt full of Paddies (Orange and Green) that cause the problems and take the welfare. Here in the Far North we love the English (and their tourist pounds of course!).

In Moray 17% of the population is English or English born. So if anything kicks off we already have a fifth column in situ unlike the poor old Romans!

Independence for the Highlands! Make Glasgow into a suburb of Carlisle!

Lovely stuff. It never ceases to amaze me how good the Scots can get it and still think they're being shafted.

Dave. Good to hear from a scot not frothing at the mouth.

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