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The end of the beginning?

Telegraph | News | Mugabe's man admits error of farm seizures

Zimbabwe's bankrupt government finally admitted yesterday that it had run out of food because land seized from whites was given to amateurs with no "passion for farming".

That admission shows how bad it really has got, is a change coming now? Lets hope so.


Some of the land was given to amateurs with no passion for farming (Bob's cronies). Some of the land was actually given to peasant farmers (or taken over by the same during the land invasions). Unfortunately Zimbabwe has a large urban population and needs farming on a commercial scale to keep those urban millions fed.

The peasants who now occupy the land may have a passion for farming, but they lack the training and resources to do it on a commercial basis. They have basically gone back to subsistance farming methods which are fine for keeping themselves alive in good rainfall years, but does leave the people in the towns without those little luxuries like three squares a day. When the rains are bad (like this year) even the peasants will starve.

Knowing the ZANU mob for what they are (thick, maoist terrorists) I suspect that this announcement is simply the precursor to "The Greatest African Leader Since Idi Amin" announcing some new plan like collectivisation. And we all know how well collect farms kept people fed in Russia and other communist countries, don't we? Oh, and because this is Africa and everything has to have that little sting in the tail, don't expect the farms that were given to Bob's cronies to be amongst those collectivised.

Sadly I predict that Sir Bob Geldoff is highly likely to be demanding that we "send our phuquing money" to Zimbabwe in a couple of years time.


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