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Home defence down under

Intruder killed with own sword - The Nation - Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au

A MELBOURNE resident has fought back against two armed intruders, killing one with a sword he seized from his attackers, police said.
A second intruder fled with cuts to his hands and legs after the attempted armed burglary in Melbourne's south-east early today.
Police detective Stephen McIntyre it was unlikely charges would be laid against the male occupant of the house.


Dude deserves a metal!

And a gun. So much easier to have your own weapons than to wrest them from the enemy.

Haha thats us aussies for you even though that bastard Howard took our self-loaders and our right to defend our house and family from us, we are still fighting fit. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy!!!!!!

Yeah. We assies hav'nt been able to defend our selves with fire arms since the gun bans of 1996

Seems the burglar commited suicide.

I cat see any issues here...

Will this incident lead to the registration or outright banning of swords or other sharp objects?

In the UK he would also not face charges. "Reasonable force" obviously includes using the attackers weapons against them (assuming it was done duringa fight, not some time after subduing the intruder).

It's not quite the same as setting a trap, then shooting fleeing teenagers in the back with an illegal shotgun.

Shooting an intruder in the back is probably a sensible move if you still feel in mortal danger.

Likewise Battleships (Belgrano) "steaming in the opposite danger"...or snipers moving back 10m get a better shot...or psychopaths retreating to come around from a different angle.

As for setting a trap - sounds like good strategy.

At the end of the day, the intruder obviously chose to commit suicide. Are you not "Pro-Choice"?

they already have banned swords downunder soon we won't be alowed to pick up sticks

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