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Domestic Violence

Inspired by The Sun's campaign against Domestic Violence (which strangely seems to only be about male violence against women) I had a quick look at a campaigning website:

Everywoman.co.uk :
2 women are killed each week by a current or former partner in England and Wales
Domestic violence kills more 19-44 year old women than anything else - more than cancer, road accidents and muggings.

Wait a moment - that is 104 women killed - an appalling number, far more than I have noticed in the crime reports but let us take it as a given. In 2004 (source) 5391 women of that age range died - so every other cause of death caused less than 100 deaths, that is at least 52 other "causes of death". Me thinks they are over egging their cause. The last figure I saw was that total deaths on roads were about 3500 people a year, I don't have the split by age and sex but do you believe that it would be less than 104 for this large group? When you are campaigning for a worthy cause you shouldn't need to make stuff up, it doesn't help, it makes cynics like me distrust everything you say.


Better add these in as well

From death by NHS kindness below
One study said there could be as many as 72,000 incidents which "contributed to the deaths of patients"

I believe that a high number of men suffer repeatedly from domestic violence, usually without retaliating. I also seem to have read of a number of men being murdered by women usually while sleeping and usually the murderer receiving a minimal sentence to overall applause from the court, media and the usual pressure groups. Men have much to forgive.

The figures do sound wierd, but I just did some research - Causes of death for females aged 15-44 in 2004: source
All traffic accidents=622
Intentional self harm=908!!!!!

So loads less adults die on the road than I thought, I assume domestic violence counts as assault, so that does add up (the remainder are the unprovoked murderous assualts that do make the news), but the self-harm thing is astounding - we should be campigning about that surely?

Female violence against women - well yes English women (& Scotch) can be quite aggressive.

But should we worry for men who marry such women?

To all young men, I recomend watching Eddie Murphy's Raw/Delerious & Chris Rock's standups. It will teach you..

As regards road deaths, I would expect them to be much lighter in the 19-44 age group than the figures for young children, and the elderly. But I can not believe the figures wrt cancers. Surely cancer mortality must be higher than domestic violence? Even in the 19-44 age group.

Do I even need to touch on the irony of the Wade arrest?

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