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Faggots for Bonfire Night

Yum - In the Aga there are real faggots cooking in an onion gravy to be served with peas and chips - just the autumnal meal to brace yourself before going out to The Burning! - Here is the youngest Englishette helping - I'm sure a couple of my readers have never actually seen faggots in the raw before (to coin a phrase) - the white lines are the caul which is wrapped round the chopped offal, if you have to ask what is in one you don't want to eat it, but at four for a pound it is a cheap meal.


You could say my interest is slightly piqued as to how the gay community adopted the name... looking at that pot... it brings water to the eyes

Ooh, proper faggots! I say 'Yum' too :) Are they home-made or fresh from a supplier?

Blimey that takes me back to my childhood when it used to be 'faggots and peaspudding', 'boiled beef and carrots' or 'toad in the hole' for dinner. Luvverly grub !

I was really looking for the recipe for both dishes. Bought from the co-op in Hightown Road Luton during the 39/45 war. Boy oh boy what a treat.!!!!!!!

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