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Needs firing

Telegraph | News | Safety fears silence Poppy Day salute

The traditional firing of a salute to mark the beginning and end of the two-minute silence has been cancelled for Remembrance Sunday this weekend on health and safety grounds.
War veterans were left fuming in the seaside town of Walton, in Essex, after lifeboatmen told them that they would not be able to fire maroons at the beginning and end of the silence on advice from RNLI headquarters.

It must be a miserable life being the Health and Safety Manager at the RNLI - I'm sure that the staff at headquarters have been fully briefed against dangers such as straightening paper-clips, so sharp! but the volunteers don't seem to listen going out in all that nasty weather to save people, and without filling out all the risk assessment forms first!. But still at least you can stamp your little feet about the maroons.

Of course being the reactionary sod I am I would suggest that the miserable worm of an HS manger should "assume the position", the maroon should be inserted, with the aid of some axle grease (I'm not cruel) and then after everyone else has retired to a safe distance, lit.


I'd recommend valve grinding paste.


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