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It is in a church - does that give a hint?

BBC NEWS | England | London | Memorial service 'too Christian'

Organisers of a memorial service to remember murder victims say its future is in doubt because of concerns it may exclude non-Christians.
The service at Trafalgar Square's St Martin-in-the-Fields church attracts hundreds of bereaved people each year.
But the Home Office, which provides 2,000 funding, has asked for proof it reaches "all parts of the community".


Tell the lefties to go stuff themselves.

If they do not support the British people, they will be replaced at the election.

I'm with No2, though I'd prefer a faster and possibly more interesting replacement. Gunpowder, trebuchet, something that really tells them they're actually not that welcome here...

Er, how do you make such an event inclusive of all sectors of society anyway? Presumably the murderers must find the whole thing profoundly uncomfortable.....

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