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Backing the Police

Mark Sparrow has a thoughtful essay on the Police
Which ends:
These days police officers seem to spend much of their time plucking the low-hanging fruit afforded by motorists or minor transgressors of petty government edicts. In effect, the police have become Blairís Brownshirts as they set about assiduously enforcing the latest bans and crackdowns. Is it any wonder that the country grows restive and fractured as common sense seeps away from law enforcement? Have the police sold out in return for the government turning a blind eye to their Spanish practices and guaranteeing their gold-plated pensions?

Sadly, I canít honestly say whether I would even bother coming to the aid of a police officer any more. And that comes from someone who has always strongly supported law and order. I simply donít feel the police are part of civil society any longer. They have become more like the French gendarmerie Ė a pseudo-paramilitary force that lives a barrack-style existence, sealed off from the public and rarely interacting with those it is supposed to serve.

I donít hold out much hope for any change in this state of affairs. And yet, if we are to fight terror the police will need the help of its natural constituency more than ever. Surely itís time to reinstate common sense and depoliticise the police. Itís time the police took off their fluorescent jackets, rolled up their sleeves and reconnected with the British public. If not they will have only themselves to blame when thereís a major breakdown in law and order and the middle classes stand idly by with their hands in their pockets.

Quite and it seems our MP's are similarly unimpressed by the Rozzers -
Telegraph | News | Blair's blackest day

Mr Blair's decision to press ahead with a vote on 90 days was seen as one of the most serious miscalculations of his premiership.
Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, had hinted last week that the Government would seek a compromise on a lower limit, which Labour MPs had believed would be around 42 days. That could well have secured the support of many Tory MPs.
But Mr Blair overruled Mr Clarke and insisted that there could be no compromise. He authorised an unprecedented lobbying exercise, with the Home Office telling chief constables to contact their MPs to put the case for 90 days.

Read that last sentence again - yes the Home Office putting pressure on the Police to put pressure on MPs - a twisted use of power if ever there was one. And remember there is a name for a state where the police create the law, a Police State.


Not happy.

1) Get Angry. Get Up. Get Animated.

2) vote conservative

3) get others to vote conservative

send the lefties back to scotchland

Tim, that's the first time I actually re-read a sentence before being advised to read it again. Astonishing.

Chairman Blair told MP's that their loyalty lay with the party.

The problem is that the ruling elite have taken all power. I include all three major parties in this conspiracy, how else can one explain the connivance at England's disenfranchisement, educational destruction, and government ownership of the BBC and the police. All problems relating to the government ownership of the police can be cured overnight by public election of all police chiefs. Take back from the government their monopoly of public appointments including peerages. The mass feeding on the public purse needs to be stopped, and small government would work towards this happy state. How can a government, or any opposition party, reduce a state dependant population of benefits recipients, unmarried mothers, local employees, civil servants, MPs, MEPs, councillors, quangos, when they themselves and all their friends and relatives are public purse feeders.

When I was a young PC, many years ago now, I recall that as part of my studies for the Promotion exam I came across a stated case called,I think - R V Ridge 1963 or about that time. Ridge was a Chief Constable of the Brighton Borough Force and the Government, or Police Authority, I cant remember which, was trying to compell him to take a particular course of action.

I recall that the outcome was that the Judges re ittereated the old principle that Chief Constables were independant and not suject to orders from Governmnet, local or national. Since Ridge's day how thing hasve changed!

I stopped being a PC years ago but am now a member of their suppport staff and it is an interesting vantage point from which to watch to disintegration of our once great service. The notion that our Police Service now is independant of the Goverment is frankly laughable. Chief Constables are tightly controlled, to the effect that the Service has simply become little more than another nationalised industry with all that that means for quality of service and the priorites we operate to.

Wonkotsane has got it exactly right. If you want the Police Service to serve the community for which they are responsible THE ONLY WAY that will happen is if the dead hand of the Home Office is removed and Chief Constable are directly answerable to the people whos taxes pay for them.

Believe me, 'Regionalisation' of the Police Service is going entirely in the wrong direction. The excuse offered that this new strucure will somehow be more efficient is complete nonsence. It will be popular with middle and upper level managers in the Police who will appreciate the huge numbers of jobs which will be created to run the new forces and, no doubt, the chance to get away from the front line. We need to go back to the time when Police were the representative of the comunities they serve and not the Government.



The remarkable thing, surely, is that one would have assumed that some such impropriety would have taken place without any need of evidence - it's just the sort of thing Toni would assuredly do. He's a Christian Fascist as well as a Loathsome Wee Twat.

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