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DD refuses to go all the way

BBC NEWS | Politics | Davis wants England-only voting

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs will be barred from voting on English laws if Conservative leadership hopeful David Davis becomes prime minister.
He pledged England-only votes in the House of Commons - but ruled out a separate English Parliament.
"My view is that we should have an English vote - otherwise we would have to go to the expense of another set of MPs."

I have some sympathy for his view that we don't want yet another bunch of MPs at the public expense but a dog's dinner of each constituent part of the United Kingdom having different types of parliaments is just not right - be bold and grab the nettle of setting out a coherent policy of constitutional reform. And if you are worried about the cost of extra MPs then may I suggest you look at MEPs - now there is a way to save some money!


An English Parliament doesn't mean more government, just different government. By their own admission, the British government spend 85% of their time dealing only with England. Take three quarters of their work off them and would they still need 650 MP's?

Sounds good to me. The House of Commons can only sit around 300 anyway. Fire 350 of them and create an English parliament in the Midlands (property is cheaper there) made up of about 250 English parliamentarians. Limit the London Government to international affairs, defence and the economy; everything else to be the purview of the Birmingham crowd.

Great plan!


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