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Creeps Charter

Telegraph | News | Taxman to snoop in your home

Council tax inspectors will be able to enter people's homes and take photographs even of their bedrooms, it emerged yesterday.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister said it was "ridiculous" to suggest that each of the 22 million properties would be visited.

"There will not be armies of people sticking cameras through your window," a spokesman said.

"The only time a valuer will go out [to see a property] is if you have a peculiar property. It may be - and this will be on only a very few occasions - that you receive a letter asking for a visit."

A spokesman for the valuation agency said it was not possible to forecast how many visits would take place under the new council tax regime.

As always it is all very reasonable and will only be used, most politely, in a very few cases. You give the right of entry and to snoop to Council Enforcement Officers and they won't use it; If you believe that then I've got 41 million in a safe deposit box in Nigeria and you being a trusted person can have a third of it if you will just help me transfer it.....


Tried to do a trackback... but it kept bouncing...

The politics of envy is not strain'd
It droppeth as corrosive bile from the ODPM
Upon the householder beneath: it is twice taxed;
It taxeth him that gives and and gives to him that takes:


The snooping is to be deplored of course.

But I am actually fairly relaxed about the principle of explicitly stating how the council tax is arrived at.

Just now I am sure all the same things are taken into consideration, but secretly, so you can't challenge them.

At least if it's up-front, then when someone builds an abbatoir next to your house, or a new scheme goes up across the road in what was previously a field, you'll have a cast-iron case to get it reduced.

Maybe. I am sure cynicism will break through before long.

I don't mind council inspectors entering my house; really I don't. Of course, I expect them to respect my right to swing a hammer around in my own home wherever I feel like it.

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