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Like Bears in Woods EU accounts hold no surprises

Telegraph | Opinion | Another year, another EU fraud

It doesn't even make the newspapers any more: that's the shocking thing. We are so blasť about Brussels fraud that we no longer notice it. Yesterday, for the eleventh year in a row, the European Court of Auditors refused to approve the EU's accounts.
The President of the Court of Auditors told MEPs yesterday that "there has been no improvement" in how the EU runs itself.

The truth is that EU fraud is, in the correct sense of the word, structural: a product of how the Brussels institutions are set up.

Beyond reform: I wonder if the US has any of those White Phosphorus rounds left over looking for a good use?


What so astonishes me about the EU project is that supposedly its main purpose is to reduce war. Yet in truth not a single democratic nation in Europe has ever gone to war with any other democratic nation. Hitler was no exception, he was put into power undemocratically after disorganized elections and then threw out democracy and made himself dictator. Which could happen now with any EU member nation anyway.

We know what the true solution is: democracies don't make war on other democracies. The EU isn't the solution, having the european countries keep stable democratic instutitions will do it.

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