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Ted Heath - Gosh I miss him

Idly looking at a decent length of rope I have hanging in the barn I realised how much I miss Ted Heath - he was so reliable and it saved so much time. On any issue one only had to find out his views and then take the opposite for you to be right. Never failed. And no one seems to have stepped up to the mark - obviously absolute moonbats don't count, Heseltine is a close run thing, Portillo is veering that way, Ken Clarke is almost there but has said one or two sensible things, whether he believes them or not. Am I missing anyone? Am I wasting my time oiling the rope?


Yasmin Alibi-brownshirt is a pretty good replacement. I have yet to see a single issue where she is on the right side. Even when she criticises Phoney Tony its for the wrong reasons.

You could also go for Chirac and his buddy Vile Pin.

John Prescott and Neil Kinnock are my benchmarks.

Ken Clarke said a sensible thing?
Why weren't we told?


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