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Too much to hope

Three weeks ago I noted:

An Englishman's Castle: A step in the right direction

A step in the right direction
There are some advantages in having a Conservative Prime Minister in a Labour Government and Tory Tony seems to being edging towards the right steps in Education, late and not far enough but every journey etc...
Telegraph | News | Funding for schools to be 'fair and equal'
Councils will be stripped of their responsibility for schools; businesses, churches, City livery companies and wealthy individuals will be allowed to take over schools; independent schools will be encouraged to accept state cash and join the state sector; and there is to be a new emphasis on grouping pupils by ability and offering advanced classes to the brightest.
Mr Blair made clear that he was ready to resist opposition from the Labour Left and the teachers' unions to opening up the system to parent power and ending comprehensive education.

Today it is all revealed as just being a hope too far...

Telegraph | News | Kelly reaffirms councils' role in schools shake-up

Local authorities will play an even bigger role in the admission policies of the new self-governing state schools, it emerged yesterday.
They will have "a more clearly defined" duty to challenge schools that introduce selection in order to favour certain types of pupils.
Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary, stressed the continuing role for local councils as she tried to quell Labour unrest over plans to let schools run their own affairs.

Looks like the jobs in the LEAs are safe for a bit longer.


First they build up your hopes. Then they dash them. Bastards!


...independent schools will be encouraged to accept state cash and join the state sector

Making them no longer "independent." Not exactly helpful if educational improvement is the goal.

Laban has it right on this one; his spoof quote from Ruth Kelly:

"We will continue to ensure that no state-educated child goes to a school anywhere near as good as the one I went to".

Which in her case happened to be Westminster.

The hypocrisy is beyond belief.

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