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Miliband right?

Telegraph | News | Miliband in move to scrap Tory-run councils

An internal memorandum from David Miliband, the minister for communities and local government, to John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, proposes an end to the two-tier structure of district and county councils that operates across much of the country.
The memo, passed to The Daily Telegraph, argues that the existing set-up is inefficient, wasteful and confusing.
The move comes as the Home Office completes plans to merge the county constabularies and reduce 43 police forces to about 15.
Mr Miliband says this and other reforms offer "a significant opportunity for Government to think cohesively about how we run local services and govern at a local level".
He adds: "We need to make sure that any changes are considered together with those of the police, health and other structural reorganisations that are currently being proposed.''

There is far too much local government, al chattering away to each other as "stakeholders".
Let me propose a simple outline of reform.
Abolish the Quisling Regional Assemblies and all their hanging on "partnerships".
Abolish Local Authorities.
Channel 100% of local spend Government money through the County Council, with it having the power to decide spending - this should cut a lot of the duplication of quangos.
Give Parish and Town Councils a greater role and let them take over much of the local authority's roles.

There you are simpler, more accountable and cheaper - how much for that consultants report?


Seem to be having problems with trackback errors.

In a recent post (http://gorsefox.blogspot.com/2005/11/leaked-document-in-mail-on-sunday-tell.html)Gorse Fox was just reviewing some of the recent ideas from New Labour and the ODPM:
* Destruction of the Shire Counties (County Councils)
* Appointment of unelected Regional Authorities - after a referendum said they were not wanted
* Removal of trial by jury for some cases
* Assumption of guilt for motoring offences and imposition of fines without trial
* Attempted eradication of "English" identity
* Human Rights - and the persecution of victims instead of perpetrators
* Deification of minorities
* Villification of Christian traditions such as marriage and Christmas
* The politicisation of Police, and the Intelligence Services.
* The proposed introduction of Identity Cards removing the right of an English Citizen togo about his daily business without proof of his right to exist.
* Introduction of additional taxation if you have a nice view, live somewhere nice, or have smartened up your property.

Now the Gorse Fox wonders why he voted for these cretins... and then remembers that HE DIDN'T.

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