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What a waste

Telegraph | News | West 'should buy the Afghan opium crop'
The West should buy up Afghanistan's opium crop and license its use for pain-relief medicines rather than trying to destroy the crop, it is proposed today.
The Senlis Council, an international drug policy think-tank with operations in Afghanistan, says the planned deployment of 3,000 British troops to smash the narcotics trade there is doomed to fail.
The study suggests that a military response to the problem will prove ineffective and simply destabilise the country's fledgling democracy. Emmanuel Reinert, the executive director of Senlis, said: "It is totally unrealistic even to attempt to eliminate the crop.
"How can one hope to achieve stability and gain the support of the farmers for a new Afghanistan through the destruction of the crops that provide for their families?"

Quite - let Boots buy the stuff and flog it to the punters who want it - clean and legal and I wouldn't even begrudge Gordon slapping a tax on it - anything would be better than the present Drug War mess.


Even better- let our farmers grow the stuff. Free market y'see. That should shove the price down nicely....

Yet another object lesson in why prohibition of any kind is untenable. Alas, if the statists haven't learned it by now, they never will.

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