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From Bradford

If you, like me, were wondering about the circumstances of the horrible murder of the Policewoman as she came across an armed robbery of a Travel Agents in Bradford - why were the robbers so well tooled up for a simple hit, why the massive police convoy of the suspects etc, then this commentary from a local may help.

In that area of Bradford, there's a whole host of front businesses, travel agents, takeaways, taxis, etc, running laundering to cover for the drug and pimping operations. Like all such operations nationwide, it's gang-managed. This sounds like some internecine fallout, hence the armed convoy from London, etc. In every walk of life there, from Plod operations and Council policy implementation, down to corner shop counter transactions, corruption is the name of the game....
Travel Agents offer many services, including money changing, and in this area the regular moving of family goods and people to and from the sub-continent, and all this in a largely cash-based sub-economy. A more cynical observer might also comment that the international movement of peoples without the correct paperwork is also an expensive and cash-based industry that requires a degree of management. However, drugs and industrial-scale pimping is the major industry in Bradford.

Of course I wouldn't suggest that this particular Travel Agent was anything but a regular operation, but the thieving scum might have thought it was a front for a rival gang.....


Tony Blair and the Labour party have left the door open for invaders to colonise our home.

Meanwhile, they tie the hands of the police and the Army.

The British voted for Labour, they should be pleased.


As a former resident of England and one who has enormous respect for the British police, I feel that the Victorian era of the unarmed Bobby is nearing a close. I agree that you don't need lethal force for the good guys. Bad guys don't play fair anymore.

Taking a club to a gunfight is not healthy. Crooks can selectively pick targets that are both rewarding and indefensible. Recent robberies in the U.S. have involved stealing four wheel drive vehicles, driving them through the front of a store, loading up and driving away. Automatic weapons are the norm.

Florida has shown that when the police and the citizenry are armed, it provides a dampening effect on crime. In the case being described, had the offender been shot to death, instead of the policewoman, a lesson would have been given.

Tony Blair and the Labour party have left the door open for invaders to colonise our home.

Meanwhile, they tie the hands of the police and the Army.

No2, you're witnessing anarcho-tyranny in action, a phenomenon currently devouring the western world, particularly the US and the UK, courtesy of both ideological sides of the political spectrum. Maybe when the sheeple finally wake up to the fact that the government has destroyed their freedoms while leaving them defenseless, the trend will be reversed. We can always hope for the best, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a change anytime soon.

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