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That survey in full

Mirror.co.uk - News - Latest - A third of Britons blame flirty women for rape

One in three Britons believes a woman who flirts is partly or totally responsible if she is raped, a "shocking" opinion poll showed on Monday.
Between a third and a quarter of respondents also put part or all of the blame on the woman if she fails to say "no" clearly to the man, wears sexy clothes, drinks too much, has many sexual partners and walks alone in a deserted area.
"It is shocking that so many people will lay the blame for being raped at the feet of women themselves," said Kate Allen, a spokeswoman for Amnesty International UK which commissioned the research.
"These findings should act as a wake-up call to the government to urgently tackle the triple problem of the high incidence of rape, low conviction rates and a sexist blame culture," she added.

Oh so it is a sexist problem is it? One part of the report that didn't get reported was this:

The older demographic and those from the DE social group stand out as being more likely to think a woman’s behaviour can make them in some way responsible for being raped.

Interestingly, there were very few gender differences in attitudes; with the only stand out difference relating to male’s opinion that certain dress can make a woman responsible for being raped.

So not very sexist at all! The attitude that I think is sexist is the MSM assumption that no women ever has any responsibility for being raped. Remember we aren't talking about a stranger with a knife type rapes in most cases, we are talking about intercourse that happened with out consent. The definition of rape has been eroded so much that even if she has invited the man into bed, had sex once with him, initiated a second bout and suddenly has second thoughts during the vinegar strokes it becomes rape. So I'm with the older poorer people who know how a small percentage of women behave, and that they should take some responsibility for their actions.


Pardon me for asking a really stupid question here, but: Isn't Amnesty International the organisation that campaigns for the rights of political prisoners around the world? Encouraging students and little old ladies to write endless letters to third world dictators asking them why they keep locking up their subjects for doing nothing more than asking awkward questions?

If that is so, why are they spending what is probably a large sum of their donors' cash commissioning a survey about rape in England and Wales? Rape is a very nasty crime and rapists should be punished severly, but I find it hard to beleive that the victims are "prisoners of conscience".

If I give my money so people can bug some gromboolian kleptocrat with rude letters I don't want to read that it has gone on some other cause no matter how worthy. If I wanted to sponsor campaigns about rape awareness I'd give my money to Rape Concern or whatever.

Shouldn't the Charity Commissioners be investigating this? Sounds like the misuse of donated funds or at least misrepresentation on the part of AI to me.


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