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Education is a wondeful thing

Browsing my local college website for some information I came across this part time course:

Part time course sheet : Appreciating Scottish Malt Whiskies

Who is the course for?
This course is for anyone over 18 who is interested in learning about and enjoying malt whiskies


What does the course aim to do?
To broaded knowledge of the subject, how to identify the different malts and introduce new flavours.


What will be covered?
An introduction to the regions of Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands, where malt whiskies are produced
a more in depth study of a few regions and some sampling from these areas
the different production methods
aroma and taste
the importance of ageing
what is meant by single, double and blended
the social conventions associated with drinking whisky


Will I have to study at home?

Strangely they don't answer that - isn't it wonderful how your tax money is being spent!


I could try to propose an "Appreciating Italian genuine wine" course in the Univercity where I study...

Well, I guess offering a lower-level course in beer brewing/tasting/appreciation would be the next logical step, just to make sure that we're "diverse" about our alcohol (you'd have to include a lab credit in the course as well). I only wish such a course had been offered at my alma mater; what a way to get general science requirements out of the way while abusing your liver in the process!

Distance Learning, pleeeeaaaassssee!!!
150 miles each way is a bit much for a night out...
It would also be the first time I ever looked forward to doing homework ;-)

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