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Prescott pummelled

Telegraph | News | Prescott rush for homes branded a fiasco

John Prescott's "urban renaissance" was condemned yesterday by the Urban Task Force he set up as "clumsy, insensitive, rushed, quantity-driven and wasteful".
The independent panel, chaired by the architect Lord Rogers, particularly attacked schemes in the Midlands and the North involving wholesale demolition of Victorian and Edwardian terraces.

Is there anything that Prescott is good at doing or has been successful at?


Stewarding on a ship?

Well, there was a story that once, aboard ship, he polished a pair of brown shoes with black polish.

Quite frankly this man is an embarasment. To his country, his government and his party. That he actually stands in for Blair when the PM's off galivanting abroad is scary beyond belief.


He's good at hitting people

No he isn't. He took a swing at a woman and barely connected the punch. I know he's a bit past it but a guy of JP's fighting weight should be able to deck a mere girlie.

I suppose there is one thing the Humberside Moron does quite well; he makes the rest of the government look almost intelligent.


He's very good at jowl growing.
He's also unfortunately very good at breathing.

He's gery vood at shalking tite.

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