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England's second class NHS

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | No flu vaccine shortage in Wales

Telegraph | News | Hewitt accuses GPs as flu vaccine stocks shrink

The Government was at the centre of an escalating row over the flu vaccine shortage last night after ministers tried to blame doctors for causing the crisis....

No get it right - the government is trying to pass the buck in England to the Doctors for not organising a piss up in a brewery flu jab supplies, whereas the sheep-shaggers seem to be able to spend their subsidies in stockpiling enough with no problem.


So if I read this right, all the doctors in Wales can plan ahead, while all the doctors in England can't.

Remind me to eschew the services of any physician named Smith in preference to those called Evans the Quack.


Just thought you'd all like to know there is no shortage in Scotland either.

And you guys are paying for it all...


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