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Spitting on the graves of terrorist victims

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | MPs vote to pass NI fugitive bill

The government's controversial bill on paramilitary fugitives has been passed by MPs by a majority of 48 votes.

I was in the workshop with the large sledgehammer and angle grinder straightening a large lump of farm machinery when the radio started on about this - how the radio survived I am still not sure. There are no words I can write to express my disgust at this. Off to the Range.


You are absolutely right. The despicable scum that voted for this bill are traitors. If there is any justice, they will die with ropes around their necks.

Of course, one of Blair's 'reforms' was to abolish the death penalty for treason. How prescient.

Shoot well, at least shoot better than me!

Personally I favour the method used to dispatch mutineers during the Indian Mutiny: being blown from the mouth of a cannon.

We could borrow a couple of 25 pdrs from the HAC and set them up on Tower Green. The spectacle would, I'm sure, be popular. Any costs could be defrayed by running a book on how far various parts of the guilty party's anatomy travelled across the Thames.

With the dungeon in the Tower reopened and a drum head court martial set up in the Tower itself the process could be managed very quickly and securely.

My only worry is that the novelty would soon wear off as I have quite a long list of candidates.


Mutiny? Tush!

Since when has a revolt to overthrow the imperialist jackboot been a mutiny?

Although perhaps a rose by any other name does smell as sweet....

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