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The end is nigh

Telegraph | News | Voters lose faith in Blair as Tories rise again

Public confidence in the Government has plunged dramatically, with voters fearing that Tony Blair is losing his grip after Cabinet rows and resignations, defeat over anti-terrorism laws and threatened shortages of influenza vaccines and gas this winter.
A YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph today shows that a majority of the public believes that "the wheels are starting to fall off" his Government just as voters are starting to take the Tories seriously again

Tony Blair was "coming to the end of the long road of his ill-health", his doctor said last night as family and friends waited at his bedside.

The Fettes and Oxford Barrister, who has struggled with the Labour Party for most of his adult life, was unconscious and breathing with the help of a ventilator at the private Cromwell Hospital, west London.

Prof Roger Williams, who has overseen his treatment, said: "He is still having standard medical care and treatment but his hours are numbered now. I would be very surprised if he survives another 24 hours." He said the doctors could do no more.

I think that is today's story, but what with this 24 hour opening I may have confused something...


Can anyone explain why the price of gas is anything to do with the government?

Just wondering.

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