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Don't get mugged in Bath

Telegraph | News | Not wanted: white male police

The Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, accused Avon and Somerset of positive discrimination in a recent recruitment drive. It claimed that the force turned down some strong candidates on grounds of race or gender.The force confirmed the majority of the rejected applications were white males.
Paul Hazel, Avon and Somerset's head of personnel and training, said: "The majority of those deselected were white men because the force's workforce is over-represented by white men."

Yep - the Rozzers down there are being chosen on the basis of whether they tick the right boxes on the diversity form rather than if they would make good thief takers. Still if the srote is caught all he will have to do is weed the Chief Constable's garden and be told off by a hairy lipped care worker...

Telegraph | News | Young thugs to avoid jail under new guidelines

Hundreds of young criminals, including muggers, will escape jail under a new twin-track sentencing strategy announced yesterday and immediately condemned by the Tories as "sending out entirely the wrong message".
First, a council chaired by the most senior judge in England and Wales said that muggers under 17 should be given community penalties rather than custody if they used only "minimal force" when committing robberies.

The two policies will see hundreds of youths avoiding a spell in a young offenders institution
Then the Youth Justice Board, which is responsible for the punishment of youth offenders, said that many more who were given harsher sentences should nevertheless be kept in open conditions, including Borstal-style residential school accommodation...


Liberty and Law contacted the Commission for Racial Equality asking them to investigate both Avon and Somerset and the Metropolitan Police who operate a different scam to try and get round the Race Relations Act.

We also contacted the Equal Opportunities Commission over the baltant sex discrimination.

The CRE responded immediately to the request.

We are waiting for the response of the EOC.

Watch this space!

A two-tier letting them get away with it by doing "community penalties" just compounds and reveals how neutered the "justice" system has become. What justice?

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