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Most popular

Scrolling through WORDCOUNT which ranks English words by popularity of usage I thought I would see where "Palatine" - as in "County Palatine of Durham" was - there is is Pop-pickers sitting at 19971th most used English word. Can't say I have often dropped it into casual conversation but obviously people do as at 19969 is "welding", 19970 "restated", 19972 "etiquette" and at 19973 "Spinach". Really is Palatine used more often than Spinach?
Of course when I'm talking in the pub I tend to use the phrase 20652-20654....


And the word "Englishman" is number 8529, you should be happy about this.

Heh, my last name and coincidentally a small town up towards Durham falls between Chancre and Spivs. That pub-triple you got works pretty good all together.

I'd say follow your instinct. I'd further say that to believe that "Palatine" is more commonly used than "spinach" is to say the least difficult. Therefore I'd conclude that Wordcount's methodology is either faulty or useless. In other words, 7880.

First of all.. I had to look up Palatine.. I knew what spinach was.. then learning that it a village in northeast illinois.. a residential suburb of Sheecargo.. name of one of the most important of seven hills in ancient rome.. something to do with your tonsils.. I came to the conclusion it just might have more going for it than Spinach..

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