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Global warming will cool us?

Telegraph | News | Global warming 'will bring cooler climate for UK'

Average temperatures in Britain are expected to fall significantly within a decade because the warm Atlantic current that maintains Europe's mild climate has slowed down by 30 per cent.

But go to the source and what do you find?

New Scientist Breaking News - Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age

.....most of the slow-down happened between 1992 and 1998.
The changes are too big to be explained by chance, co-author Stuart Cunningham told New Scientist from a research ship off the Canary Islands, where he is collecting more data. "We think the findings are robust."
But Richard Wood, chief oceanographer at the UK Met Office's Hadley Centre for climate research in Exeter, says the Southampton team's findings leave a lot unexplained. The changes are so big they should have cut oceanic heating of Europe by about one-fifth - enough to cool the British Isles by 1C and Scandinavia by 2C. "We haven't seen it yet," he points out.
Though unseasonably cold weather last month briefly blanketed parts of the UK in snow, average European temperatures have been rising, Wood says. Measurements of surface temperatures in the North Atlantic indicate a strong warming trend during the 1990s, which seems now to have halted.

As the late John Daly said in his last article:


The logical trap in linking weather events to global warming is that cold events (such as the recent Arctic cold wave which swept North America and recently south-eastern Europe and Turkey) which run completely counter to the global warming theory, must also be explained in terms of that theory. That is where this new `ice age' scare is so useful for an industry that spends its whole time (and taxpayers money) dreaming up one global catastrophe scenario after another. By invoking the possibility of `global warming causing an ice age', the industry are now in the position of being able to point to each and every weather event, whether hot or cold, as being evidence of global warming. Heads we win, tails you lose. It has become a closed logical system where the theory is now impervious to any external evidence that may contradict it. And this is an intellectual black hole which climate scientists themselves were not pushed into, but enthusiastically jumped into with scant regard for basic principles of science.

So, don't blame the media - climate science is itself to blame for this absurd situation where an entire science is now impervious to any internal or external evidence that might question the quasi-religion they have embraced. Demonstrated expertise in any complex discipline commands some authority among the non-expert public. But the many errors of this particular science are so gross that they have squandered whatever little authority they did have.


able to point to each and every weather event, whether hot or cold

Don't forget wet or dry. Floods and dustbowls are all the fault of global warming too you know. ;-)

Maybe, because I'm observing this at a distance I'm the only one to have noticed something.

For the past few years Britain has had mild to warm winters and everyone who seems to have, a financial stake in doom saying was running around predicting that the UK would become some sort of tropical paradise, but the sea levels would rise and flood most of it.

Now this year there's been an early cold snap and the same professional moaners are having to find another theme to bang on about just in case their gravy train funding dries up.

Anyone got any idea what their lame story will be when it rains frogs. How will they link that to global warming?

The Remittance Man

The perfect hermetically sealed bureaucracy has created a coven of worshipers without and a priesthood within and the funding to insure its survival in perpetuity. This is what they want the rest of society to do, form similar closed spheres.

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