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Dear Blogdaughters, your opinion please.

My smart, sexy, funny and Italian Blogdaughters may be able to help me out. Is this a good deal for my Xmas wine or should I look elsewhere? I tend not to drink much white so I rely on others.

Virgin Wines - Product Details

The wine that smart Italians drink in Italy - at half the price they pay. Right now this is the best quality you can buy in Britain for less than a fiver.

Araldica d'Aria Gavi - Wine of the Year 2005! The Italian equivalent of Chablis is the delicious but eye-wateringly Gavi de Gavi. The good news is that we've found a wine made in the same style, the same grape (Cortese) and in the same region, but without the expensive Gavi de Gavi label - 75cl 13% alc 4.99


"My smart, sexy, funny and Italian Blogdaughters"....I'm simply fashinated by our charming farmer!

However, talking by wine, I also tend not to drink much white. Of course, it depends from what you are thinking to cook (white is great with fish and dessert, not really much with pasta and meat).
I can only tell you two things. Always distrust from not D.O.C.G. wines (DOCG wines are produced in specific well-defined regions and they must pass an evaluation of a tasting committee before they can be bottled) and also distrust who tell you to buy a wine at half price, it's surely not a quality guarantee. Gavi de Gavi could be a dry wine but also a lively spumante....this is not specified on that site.
For the rest, you can contact us whenever you want, of course :-)

I doubt it really is half the price Italians pay, given that there is no (yes, that's right, zero) duty on wine in Italy.

However Gavi is generally delicious and if you like that sort of thing (light, bone-dry, spicy fruit, perhaps very slightly frizzante) then this will be a splendid example I am sure.

I recommend you give it a try.

Ignore the comment about DOCG - many high-quality Italian winemakers have despaired of their country's official classifications and "downgrade" their wines to IGT (Indicazione Geografica Typica) which basically lets them do whatever they want.

In other words, they are saying "trust us, not the State" - a wise philosophy in wine and of course many (all?) other matters as I am sure you'll agree.


Oooh spelling mistake, for Typica read Tipica, I really should have remembered that there is no "y" in Italian.

Of course, you can write whatever you want on the wine label.

I was talking about good wines, you can find the others in any supermarket but, believe me, they are not the same. And if you don't know what is the difference between a D.O.C. and I.G.T. wine, I can explain you very easily. I.G.T. could have different grapes mixed, there is no control on that.

About the price, if it's a dry wine as I expect, it's very expensive....not half price for sure ;-)

I can get you two bottles of a rather cheeky paintstripper dry white wine for a fiver if you're interested...?

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