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The real recycling story

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Real Story | Recyclers' rubbish dumped abroad

According to the Environment Agency, about half of the 8m tons of green bin material thrown out each year in the UK ends up overseas.

the BBC revealed 500 tons had been shipped unsorted to Indonesia.
Customs at Jakarta impounded containers holding mixed up paper, cardboard, plastics and cans from UK households.
According to Indonesia's environment minister, the only possible consequence of such a trail was that the rubbish from England would end up dumped on his country.

The one recycling plant in Jakarta did not receive foreign rubbish and was struggling to cope with the waste produced locally.

Rachmat Witoelar told Real Story: "Somebody has taken them [the English residents who recycled] for a ride.

"It's against international law. They should be aware of that.

"They [the exporter] are trying to dump it somewhere when we are not looking."

Yep - we are being taken for a ride by the whole recycling charade.


Has anyone thought it might be a plot to corrupt the minds of the people of the world's largest muslim nation? I mean 500 tons of paper waste from the UK is bound to have more than a few tattered copies of Big and Bouncy Monthly or the Thigh Boot Fanciers' Gazette.

Maybe the Indoo customs have stumbled on a huge porn smuggling scam.


By the way. How have these earnest English recyclers been had?

For years we've been told that rubbish is bad. It fills up our landfills and poisons our environment. Now some chap's found a way to send it somewhere else. I can't imagine he did it for free so that presupposes somebody in Indonesia wants 500 tons of old issues of the Guardian (or Big and Bouncy Monthly).

The UK looses 500 tons of crap, some jolly East Indian gets a pile of paper and somebody gets some dosh. Can't see the problem here. Can anyone else?


Landfills - however else are you supposed to construct a Civilization? When Schlimann dug the walls of Troy he came across over eleven layers of construction. Landfills are the very heart and nature of a society, and that's the proper way to do it - good grief, next thing you know somebody'll be burying dead people out in the woods - nice way to create a Haunted Forest dontcha think?

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