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Oooh That Gordon!

Telegraph | News | Brown is missing the point on trade, says Mandelson

Having spent yesterday afternoon watching some Rugby with some old colleagues and a beer glass in hand, and then moving via a pub where all the old Fenian songs were being sung to an "all you can eat" Chinese, my brain is not sharp enough this morning to use a rapier wit to dissect the irony of Mandy, a man who appears to understand nothing about "trade" lecturing Gordon, who probably actually has read and understood the theory. So instead I will go for the cheap laugh and ask for your caption for this photo!
And anyway The Worstall says it better at The ASI "It's easy enough to get irate with Peter Mandelson in his role as the European Union's Trade Commissioner. It's a difficult job trying to persuade protectionists to go for free trade, but it is apparent from this piece penned by him for the Guardian he still hasn't quite managed to get wholly on top of his subject."



Are you sure this is sign language for micro economic theory?

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